We strongly think that the design characterizes the soul of a product and becomes an important means to distinguish themselves and to compete. This has led the company to cooperated with creative talents, always increasingly, creating together projects that follow the current trend, with the aim of being always a market “Proposal”, capable of anticipating market trends.

To be more competitive on the market and create new trends, the company pursues a constant policy of Research and Development, aimed at the product and design innovation. The implementation of innovative technologies, machineries and plants, able to produce prototype and develop custom-made products allows to meet the customers’ requirements promptly, keeping the strictest confidentiality and creating a real Partnership relationship.

The novelty of this structure lies in the harmony between Design and Method that join to give birth to new ideas, bound to an avant-garde production cycle.

ROBERTO MARELLA S.p.A. is able to supply different typologies of finishing, with different tonalities and shades: classical and country finishing, performed through aging processes, frame galvanic processes and the most modern and custom-made finishes. Today our range offers over 100 different nuances largely created with eco-friendly paints.

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