In the perspective of an integrate system, the Company worked and is working to obtain important certifications that guarantee, from the use of the raw material, to the adoption of systems and procedures, high quality and long-lasting products.

In 2015 ROBERTO MARELLA S.p.A. has received the official certification of 100% MADE IN ITALY manufacturer, released by the institute of the protection of Italian manufacturer (ITP)
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ROBERTO MARELLA S.p.A. is constantly committed in limiting environmental impacts and is working to implement an Environmental Management System according to the current regulations. The Company has recently obtained the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certification.
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Valid for: conception and production of interior design details such as handles, accessories and decorations for furniture in both classic and modern style (IAF 17)
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ROBERTO MARELLA S.p.A. is working to achieve the ISO 45001 certification: a standard for management systems of occupational health and safety. It is an international certification that specifies the requirements for health and safety at work management system, in order to prevent occupational injuries and diseases.

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